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"Ross Beschler shines as one half of Teiresias.”

DC Metro Theatre Arts (Antigone, 2015)

"Nearly steals the show!"

Philadelphia Inquirer (Dionysus was Such a Nice Man, 2019)

“Ross Beschler as Arnholm is especially good, with a square-jawed earnestness that is just right.”

CityPaper (The Lady from the Sea, 2014)

"EgoPo veteran Ross Beschler is especially fine.”

Philadelphia Magazine (Delirium, 2016)

“Ross Beschler is daring; living in moments where most would be wary.”

PR Radio (Bootycandy, 2013)


"Beschler has the pacing and vocal pitch of a star."

Neal's Paper (He Who Gets Slapped, 2016)


“… the production rightly belongs to Ross Beschler’s incredibly measured performance as the restless, philosophical Vladimir. The narrative line sails on the back of his nuanced acting, and he deserves much of the credit for inspiring our belief in the meandering.”

Broad Street Review (Waiting for Godot, 2010)


“Beschler betrays the Emcee's despair only once,  but that moment is just enough to convey the breadth of the show's dread and loss… it's worth coming inside when Beschler's Emcee beckons.”

Philadelphia Inquirer (Cabaret, 2009)


Blue Bloods Season 12 Ep. 15

"Where We Stand"

Premiers Friday March 4 @ 10 PM on CBS

Co-starring as Alan Marter


The Cherry Orchard

based on the play by Anton Chekhov

Adapted by Dmitry Krymov

in collaboration with the Hothouse Company

Directed by Dmitry Krymov

April 12 - May 1, 2022

@ The Wilma Theatre, Philadelphia PA