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No one gets there on their own

I have been acting in plays and auditioning professionally since 1999, and everything I’ve learned in the trenches comes to bear in my coaching work. Whether you’re developing a scene or monologue for an audition, or looking for new ideas to bring with you into the rehearsal room, I can help connect the text to who YOU are as an actor, and what works best for your body, your voice, and your sense of truth.  No one gets there on their own - I’ve had coaches and mentors who have helped me mine the best of myself to get where I am.  Let me help you do the same - I truly enjoy helping actors discover their full range of possibilities.


I can come to you if you are in the Philadelphia, New York, DC or Boston areas, as I frequently travel between these cities.  I can also provide space in Center City Philadelphia.  Contact me, and we can talk about rates and arrangements that will best serve you.

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