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Hi!  I'm Ross Beschler, and I'm running for Eastern Principal Delegate to AEA's upcoming National Convention!

Here are some things to know:


The National Convention will convene delegates from across the US to put forth and vote on proposals to amend AEA's constitution. 

The last day to vote is September 9! 

You can find out more about the convention here;

and maybe this is a good time to read the Actor's Equity Constitution.


My primary reason for running is to get MORE REGIONAL VOICES heard at Equity.  I have been a Philadelphia actor since I moved here from NYC in 2006, and I have been on the Philadelphia Liaison committee for over 5 years.  Our union needs procedures and entities to hear and act on the specific and different needs of each region!  I hope to work with other regional delegates to push for more of a voice in the workings of AEA.


This is an opportunity to  INCREASE THE DIVERSITY of policy-makers at AEA.  Our Union NEEDS a LONG-OVERDUE influx of voices from different backgrounds that will reshape AEA into an institution that is standing up for ALL members, and opening the doors for entry to some who have been barred. 

I urge you to visit the BIPOC Delegates for AEA Facebook page and get to know some of the incredible candidates running.  


The pandemic has exposed more clearly than ever the need for more TRANSPARENCY and EQUALITY at AEA.  I want to examine the unclear policies, unclear chains of escalation, and unclear accountability issues that have been cutting members off from being heard and being helped, and put forth proposals to change them!


AEA needs to create clear contracts and policies regarding RECORDING AND STREAMING LIVE THEATRE in a way that gives actors more work and weeks; gives actors the documentation of their work that they need to thrive; and gives live theatre the visibility it needs nationally and internationally to be a vital part of the conversation for decades to come!  I hope to propose a resolution that AEA makes this an essential part of its mission.

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